Currently available Original Paintings

These are some original paintings created by Dakota Daetwiler.

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Sleigh Ride (2020)

Annual Christmas Painting

Medium: Original Oil Painting - Signed

Year Created: 2020

Artist: Dakota Daetwiler

Location When Created: Maine

Size: 10 inches tall by 20 inches wide


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Dakota's annual Christmas Painting from 2020. This is the original oil painting on canvas, not a print.

Dakota created this painting at the end of 2020 after a very hard year (for everyone.) With covid ravaging the world and so many businesses (including her own) struggling, she wanted to make something light hearted and joyful.

She came up with the idea of these two young kids "stealing" santa's sleigh and taking it for a joy ride. Santa looks on from the roof with his hands on his head and in the air, hollering for them to come back. The scene shows little feet prints in the snow leading to sled tracks. The reindeer are obviously complicit with their grins and cheery eyes.

This piece is meant to make people smile, be merry, and bring a fond memory back to anyone who got into trouble here and there as a kid themselves.

Beacon of Hope (2021)

Medium: Original Oil Painting - Signed

Year Created: 2021

Artist: Dakota Daetwiler

Location When Created: Maine

Size: 30 inches wide by 20 inches tall


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Dakota started this painting at the end of 2020, and finished it in January 2021.

There are many faces hidden in the waves, which she intended to be honoring to the people who lost their lives to Covid.

2020 was a terrible year for us all, and she wanted to portray "hope" for the future in the form of a lighthouse. This has a double meaning, as she also had just moved to Maine (this is a famous lighthouse there, in Portland at Cape Elizabeth.

Hazel's World (2019)

Medium: Original Acrylic Painting - Signed

Year Created: 2019

Artist: Dakota Daetwiler

Location When Created: Ferndale, CA

Size: 40 inches wide by 30 inches tall


*Does not include frame*


Price includes free worldwide shipping


Dakota painted Hazel's World in 2019 at her old studio in Ferndale, Ca. It is one of the last pieces she has available from this time, as this painting is very dear to her and she wasn't originally going to sell it. She hopes it will make its way someday to a classroom, public library or somewhere else where it can be seen and inspire kids to read.

In this acrylic painting, Dakota wanted to embody what it is like to get lost in a book. Hazel, the little girl in the middle, sits on her chair (or throne, depending on the side you look at!) while all of her stuffed animals, books and toys look on. (Right hand side.) The left side is the mirror of this "real" world in the form of a magical, alternate reality, or what someone might see when reading a fairy tale. Everything on the right can be found in magical form on the left.


This piece makes people stop and stare, and with all the tiny details you will always be finding new things including: (in the bookerfly) "Chapman's Bookery and more" which is a small book store in Ferndale, and is owned by one of Dakota's dear friends. "The Adventures of Jett Puff" in the spine of a book on the right side, is an ode to Dakota's son. The bear (under the chair and also in the right side) has "Koda" hidden in it, which is Dakota's nickname... as well as the infamous 727, Dakota's Birthday which she hides in most of her work.

This is truly a special piece.