• Dakota Daetwiler

This is my story.

Hey there! My name is Dakota Daetwiler.

People often want to know my "story." I guess it helps people see the meanings behind my art more clearly. So, I decided to make this blog post to tell you all a little bit about my life and what has made me who I am today.

This will be a long post, and definitely is only a small fraction of who I am... but here goes.

I was born and raised in a small town in rural Northern California, in Humboldt County.

Until about the age of 5 I hung out at in the back of my grandparent's business, Arney's office supply and copy center. I remember it fondly. My brother and I were always getting into trouble, we would draw "fake tattoos" and put them out for sale in little plastic packages for some ridiculous amount of money. We thought we were slick and that someone would buy them and we could keep the money.

My brother and I would play wall ball in the back of the store, and a lot of the time our ball would fly over the fence and into the horse field that was directly behind the store. I would always make him climb over the fence to get it, because I was scared sh*tless of that horse.