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Dakota Daetwiler is a professional artist and creator of magical oil paintings that will transport the viewer "to the world the way she sees it." Dakota has been honing her artistic career since 2012 and is skilled in a variety of mediums, including illustrations, stained glass sculptures, clay sculptures, portrait painting, and jewelry making. While oil painting on canvas remains her true passion, Dakota loves to experiment with other mediums from time to time and incorporate them into her work as well.

Originally from California, Dakota now resides on the East Coast with her family, 10 chickens, and 10 ducks. She owned two beautiful galleries in California between 2013 and 2020, but in 2020 she decided a change was needed. Dakota now works from home in Maine and exhibits her work at shows around the country and online.

In 2021, Dakota was diagnosed with Lupus, but she remains determined to continue creating and bringing magic to the world through her art. Any and all sales are greatly appreciated, as they help offset the high costs associated with it.

Thank you for visiting Dakota's online gallery and taking the time to learn more about her. Follow her on social media to stay updated on new work and other up
dates. You can find Dakota on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube by searching "Paintings by Dakota Daetwiler."


"Let's make the world a bit more magical, one painting at a time."


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Feel free to ask any questions using the online form or email Dakota directly at

For licensing inquiries please contact Dakota's agent, Suzanne Cruise:

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