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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paints/materials do you use?

I use oils and acrylic paints mainly, although I love to incorporate many different mediums when I create a piece. I will use what ever is necessary to get the desired outcome; whether that means adding glitter, texture, gold leaf, iridescent paint, spray paint,  pearls, diamonds, and even real shells. I really don't have any set "rules" when it comes to creating a painting, I just go with my gut and pour my heart into it.

How long does it take you to create a painting?

I can typically finish a painting in anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. The longest I have spent on a painting so far has been 150 hours, but I paint around 10 hours a day so really it only took me a few weeks. I find that once I start something it is hard for me to think about much else, so I am constantly just itching to get going again and get what is in my head on to the canvas.

How much does a custom painting cost?

I get this question so much. EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE is different. I can not stress that enough. One painting of a single person may cost one customer $400 and the next person $600 because the background is slightly more difficult, or the lighting on their face will take a lot more time, or the person's clothing is really intricate. I need to see the picture you want painted to be able to give you a quote, and if you are wanting something made up, then I need a description with an approximate size you're looking for and we can go from there.

To inquire about a custom painting please click here: Email Me Now

What is the difference between a painting and a "print"?

An original painting is the piece I created by hand using paints and brush. Originals are one of a kind, and will hold their value (if not increase in value) over time. They also last forever, as long as they are taken care of.

A print is a piece of canvas that has been printed by a machine. You are in essence purchasing a copy of my work. Most prints are hand signed by me and numbered, although not all. It varies by cost and size. I can make prints of just about any piece I have created in many different sizes and styles (paper prints, giclee canvas prints, framed prints, etc.) Prints are much much less expensive than the original paintings and are a more economical way to have my art in your home. Most people can not tell the difference, especially canvas prints which look very similar to the original painting. 

Which pieces do you make prints of?

I make prints at my discretion. I choose not to make prints of some of the custom work I do because it is very personal (portraits of people's passed loved ones, dogs, kids, etc.) I do reserve the right to create prints of any of my work, at any time though UNLESS stated otherwise by me in writing. If you have questions about this please email me.

Now that I own an original of yours, can I make prints or reproduce it?

No. The artist ALWAYS maintains ownership of all copyrights of work produced. What that means is: buying an original painting does not mean you own the reproduction rights (or copyright.) My work may not be used in any way without my expressed written permission. Please email me if you have questions about this or want to let me know about someone using my work without my permission.

You can purchase a copyright to a painting if you are really interested. That would mean you can make anything you want from it, make money off it, prints, hats, mugs... etc. Copyrights to a painting are very very expensive. Please email me to inquire about a specific piece.

Will you still sell prints of a painting after the original has sold?

Yes. Buying an original painting does not mean I will no longer make prints.

What items do you make with your paintings?

I love making many things from my work, it is one of the most fun parts of my profession. I make mugs, calendars, sculptures, jewelry, key chains, blankets, pillows and so much more from my art.

Can I make things with your artwork?

No. This violates copyright law. Please see above about purchasing copyrights to a painting.

Will you design me a tattoo or a logo?

No, that is not the kind of work I do.

If I want to "hold" something, can I put a deposit on it?

Absolutely! I require deposits to "hold" anything, generally 30-50% down depending on the piece. Typically I work out a payment plan with each individual person that suits both of us. If you have put a deposit on something and continually miss your payments, though, the piece will be put back up for sale.

How do I care for an original painting?

I tell all my customers the same thing: keep it away from "extremes." What that means is no heat, no moisture, and no direct sun exposure is the best way to care for a painting. Use care when handling it, do not touch it or let others touch it as the oils from your hands can cause deterioration. In most cases, I would recommend not putting originals behind glass (like in frames) because they canvas can mold.

Climates differ greatly depending on where you live and hundreds of other factors, so I would urge you to take a minute and read about it here: How To Care For An Original Painting

How do I care for my canvas print?

Canvas prints are a fun way to have my art in your homes. That being said, they can be more finicky than an original painting. Canvas prints are fragile, and can be scratched, damaged, sun bleached, mold, or break very easily. Please take care of your canvas prints, and if shipping them always use extra padding and get insurance. I would recommend the above again, keep them away from extremes: no heat, no cold, no moisture, no direct sunlight. Hanging a print above a fireplace or furnace is a sure way to ruin it, and fast.

Do you license your artwork?

Yes! I am licensing through my agent currently. Please contact her anytime regarding licensing info on most of my paintings.





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