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"Octopus & Friend"  2022 by Dakota Daetwiler
Dakota loves octopus (Octopuses? Octopi?) very much... She also loves Lion Fish! Why not put them together as a painting? 
The beautiful deep sea octopus and the graceful lion fish are quite the dynamic duo in this painting by Dakota Daetwiler. The contrast of vivid red and orange against the striking blue with hints of pink gives this painting an almost 3D effect when viewed up close. Sure to make any ocean life lover very happy.


  • These are high quality prints of her original painting (copies) Not an original painting.

FREE SHIPPING TO THE US! If you live outside the US and would like a piece, please email me for a shipping quote.

Traditional Canvas Print (Signed)
High quality inks and materials, these are the most popular. Canvas prints are hand stretched over wood by Dakota and look the most like traditional art. These take approximately 5-8 days to create, plus shipping time. These usually arrive at your door in about 2 weeks. Canvas prints come hand signed by Dakota with a card that has the name of the artwork and the date your canvas was created.

These will retain value the best out of any print options of her work.


Flat Photo Print (Signed)
Printed on high quality thick photo paper, these come hand signed by Dakota and ship the fastest. They will need to be framed before hanging as they are a flat rolled print. They are the most affordable option.


Dakota makes both of these prints in house, these are not made by some big box retailer. She makes sure each one is hand crafted with care, from the making of the wood frame (for canvas), stretching, stapling, signing... all done by her! The photo and canvas prints are made in her house on her 44" commercial giclee printer with high quality pigment, museum grade archival inks. She takes the time to make sure you will get the highest quality print possible.


  • Please keep prints out of direct sunlight, away from high heat, away from freezing temperatures, and away from high humidity areas.